Wild Himalayan Rhodiola


  • One of the most precious tonic herbs in the world
  • Only available in very limited quantities through Dragon Herbs, as it cannot be cultivated and is only collected from the wild
  • Collected wild from above the Himalayan snow line of Tibet and Bhutan
  • Enhances oxygenation, energy, mental energy and adaptability
  • An herb of spiritual potency
  • Use in DBG with other tonic herbs
Item No: 8122
Product Description

Himalayan Rhodiola, from above the snowline of Bhutan and Tibet, is one of the most precious tonic herbs in the world. It cannot be cultivated, and is only collected from the wild, so it is only available in very limited quantities. Don’t get this sacred herb confused with Rhodiola rosea, a common commercially grown herb from Russia. Himalayan Rhodiola is either Rhodiola sacra (“Sacred Rhodiola”) or Rhodiola crenulata. These two nearly identical species are herbally indistinguishable. But there is no comparison between this Rhodiola from the Himalayas and Russian Rhodiola, Himalayan Rhodiola being far superior. Use a tiny amount in your DBG daily for enhanced oxygenation and adaptability.

Ingredients: Wild Tibetan Rhodiola root

Traditional Function
Oxygenation and adaptability enhancer
Who can use it?
3.5 oz. (100g)
May be used solo or combined with other herbs or teas to make a stunning pot of tea.
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