Insulated Tea Cup with Saucer 3 oz.


  • Insulated double-walled glass keeps drinks hot and cold longer
  • Insulated double-walled glass keeps hot tea from burning your hands
  • Prevents condensation, which means no water rings
  • Beautiful design makes drink look as if it is suspended in air
Item No: 8216
Product Description

Insulated double walled glassware is the green way to keep your hot and cold drinks at the desired temperature longer without burning or freezing your hands. This glassware beautifully frames your drink as if it is suspended in air.

No condensation means no water rings

Diameter at opening: 2.6” (6.5 cm)
Cup Width including handle: 3.5” (9cm)
Height: 2.8” (6.4 cm)
Capacity: 3 oz. (89 mL)

Diameter: 4.2” (10.6 cm)
Height: 0.6” (1.5 cm)-9

3 oz. (89ml)
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