Cultured Cordyceps Drops


  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • Delicious, rich extract of premium cultured Cordyceps
  • Mushrooms grown on brown rice
  • Rich in Cordycepin, the main active constituent of Cordyceps
  • Supports endurance and immune functions
  • Powerful adaptogenic energy
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Product Description

Cordyceps is famed throughout the world as a major Jing tonic (inner power, sexual, strength, bone marrow tonic) for men and women, as a major immune tonic, as a brain tonic, as a powerful tonic to the lungs and respiratory functions, and more.

Cultured Cordyceps Drops™ is one of the greatest extracts we have every made. It is thick and rich. And it has a delicious, satisfying, savory mushroom flavor. Within a second, you will understand its potency. It is 100% vegan. It is grown in a super-clean environment on a base of brown rice and other grains. Ron Teeguarden personally selected the finest grade freshly-cultured Cordyceps, and Dragon Herbs has had it extracted in our modern GMP extraction facility, using cutting edge technology and special proprietary techniques developed by Dragon Herbs. The result is Dragon Herbs’ Cultured Cordyceps Drops™. It is an amazing treasure of health and a superb value. Cultured Cordyceps is many multiples less expensive than the wild variety from the snowline of Tibet or Bhutan, yet it is very close in nutrition and herbal potency. In fact, it has a higher content of the established key Cordyceps’ component, cordycepin, than the wild variety. Cultured Cordyceps Drops™ is an excellent modern innovation that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of one of the world’s greatest tonic herbs at a very reasonable price.

Ingredients: Cultured Cordyceps fruiting body.

Traditional Function
Supports body's defensive functions. Nourishes Jing (both Yin and Yang), strengthens the Kidneys and Lungs and tonifies Qi. Enters the Lung and Kidney meridians. Sweet flavor. Warm temperature.
Who can use it?
2 fl. oz. (60ml)
Other Ingredients
Water, Grain Alcohol (30% by volume)
3-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your health care practitioner
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  1. "While traveling, I got the flu. Luckily, I had the foresight to bring this tincture with me. It worked tremendously."

    MAXINE, Cordyceps for flu

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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